The use of a workbook for math can be beneficial to both the teacher and the student for several reasons.

First, a workbook allows the teacher to provide practice exercises and assessments to help students understand and master the concepts being taught. It can also help the teacher monitor student progress and identify areas where students need additional help. In addition, a workbook can also be beneficial to students. It allows them to practice and apply the concepts being taught, which can help them master them more effectively.

A workbook can also help students develop confidence in their math skills and become more independent in their learning. Finally, a workbook can also facilitate communication between the teacher and students. Students can use their workbooks to write down questions or concerns, which can help the teacher help them in a more targeted way. Similarly, the teacher can use the workbook to provide feedback and guidance to students, which can help them progress.

In sum, the use of a math workbook can benefit both the teacher and the student by providing practice, assessment, and independent learning opportunities. It can also facilitate communication and help students develop confidence in their math abilities.


These interactive digital resources from Didactikos Publishing are optimized for classroom whiteboards and online learning. Students can write in the notebook and the teacher can correct them online. All of this is compatible with computers, tablets and cell phones.

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